USA of Americant's Vol. 4: Punishing free speech? Bout time. MAGA? Fucc YOUR House.

197 Views - 13 Jan 2021

Why isn't Mike Pence beating the shit out of Dipshit Donny?

"Our house?" LOL you fucking MAGA FAGGAH hypocrites - schools, post office, local govt buildings? Go show us how those are "Your houses" too.

How dare military, 50 and fire department etc....and this guy?!?!?! What do you have in common?

MAGA is behind it. Donny is behind it. Everyone who breached should be executed HE needs to be executed after being found guilty of treason.

You know why he supported it? It took about 3 hours for him to do anything "You are very special" and they didn't listen to him even after he said "WE love you" Proves my point. Trump isn't the problem he just unleashed the problem.

Oh and Parler? Freedom of Speech? THAT'S FREEDOM you want? Then it's time to amend the first amendment and we need to cut the freedom of speech into a punishable offense.